Cheesecakes in a new way for breakfast: we tell you what to add to the dish for an unusual taste

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Homemade cheesecakes
Homemade cheesecakes. Source: Pixabay

Cheesecakes is a dish that everyone can make. The most important thing during cooking is to make a non-liquid base so that the cheesecakes do not fall apart. In the fall, you can add healthy pumpkin to the cottage cheese, which will give the dish an unusual flavor.

Recipe for cheesecakes with pumpkin

Cook Liza Hlinska shared on Instagram a recipe for delicious pumpkin cheesecakes, which are very flavorful and healthy.

Recipe of the dish


  • cottage cheese – 400 g
Cheesecakes with honey
  • pumpkin – 150 g
  • sugar – 30 g
Pumpkin for making cheesecakes
  • flour – 20 g
Fatty cheese
  • eggs – 1 pc
  • cinnamon – to taste
Chicken eggs
  • zest of 1 orange
  • salt – a pinch


  • flour for rolling
Cheesecakes with honey
  • oil for frying

Method of preparation:

1. Grate pumpkin and orange zest, and add cinnamon.

Raw Pumpkin

2. Grind the cottage cheese, add sugar, flour, salt, grated pumpkin with zest, and mix.

Making cheesecakes

3. Form the cheesecakes with your hands, roll them in flour, and fry in vegetable oil until tender.

Delicious cheesecakes

4. Put them on paper napkins to absorb the fat and eat with sour cream, honey, berries, or jam.

Cheesecakes with honey

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