Can cream be replaced with sour cream: pastry chef's tips

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Can cream be replaced with sour cream in desserts. Source: Pixabay

Cream is used in many different desserts: creams, cakes, pastries, mousses, and ice cream. They create a special delicate and airy texture and add a pleasant flavor to dishes. At the right time, when cream is not at hand, housewives often think about replacing it with sour cream. But is it worth it?

Popular pastry chef Liza Glinska (lizaglinskaya_sweetschool) shared on her Instagram page what kind of cream to choose for making desserts and explained why you shouldn't replace it with sour cream.

Is it possible to use cream instead of sour cream

How to choose and store cream

1. Animal cream with a fat content of 30-36% is best suited for preparing various desserts. Be sure that they are not sweet.

2. The cream should contain a dairy product without any impurities.

Which cream is suitable for making desserts

3. After opening, the cream is stored for only a few days. After the expiration date, it begins to deteriorate quickly but does not turn into kefir, unlike homemade cream.

As for homemade cream, the expert does not recommend using it. After all, it is difficult to calculate the exact percentage of fat in such a product, and it also has a specific taste and smell.

Can sour cream be used instead of cream

How to replace cream in desserts

According to the expert, cream and sour cream are two completely different products that cannot be substituted for each other.

The cream is a part of milk with the highest possible content of fat particles, which has a pleasant, sweetish flavor.

How to choose and store cream

Sour cream is made in a completely different way, namely by inoculating pasteurized cream with special lactic acid bacteria.

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