Better than pilaf: delicious crumbly rice with vegetables for a light dinner

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Recipe for crumbly rice
Recipe for crumbly rice. Source: Pixabay

Rice is a versatile product for cooking various dishes, from light soups and pilaf to meatballs, paella, and risotto, and is often added to salads. Rice can also be used to make delicious casseroles and puddings.

Meatballs and rice

Cook Anna shared on Instagram a recipe for delicious rice with vegetables that will be crumbly and flavorful.

Rice recipe


  • rice – 400 g
Rice for cooking
  • onion – 1 pc
  • garlic – 2 cloves
Raw garlic
  • carrots – 1 pc
Fresh carrots
  • bell pepper – 1 pc
Sweet pepper
  • corn – 3 tbsp
Corn for the dish
  • peas – 3 tbsp
  • oil
Spices for the dish
  • salt

Method of preparation:

1. Pour the rice with water, put on high heat, and cook for 15 minutes, as soon as the rice boils, reduce to low heat. After cooking, do not open the lid for another 15 minutes and cool.

Sweet pepper

2. Finely chop the vegetables, chop the garlic, dice the carrots and pepper.

Cooking vegetables

3. Pour the oil into a large frying pan, add the onion, garlic, carrots, and water, simmer under the lid, and stir.

Vegetables for the dish

4. Add the rest of the vegetables, and simmer together for another 5 minutes, until the peppers are tender.

5. Add the rice to the vegetables in the pan, season with salt, and mix the rice and vegetables very well.

Rice with vegetables

6. Heat the rice and vegetables together for another 5 minutes over moderate heat and the side dish is ready.

The finished dish

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