Better than cheesecake: an easy dessert with peaches without flour and baking in 15 minutes

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No-bake peach dessert recipe
No-bake peach dessert recipe. Source: thespruceeats.com

If you want to quickly prepare a delicious and light dessert, choose sour cream, jelly, and fruit.

A delicious dessert with fruit

Chef Alex Mil shared a recipe on Instagram for a delicious, light sour cream dessert with peaches that doesn't require baking.

Dessert recipe


  • sour cream – 800 g
Sour cream for making dessert
  • sugar – 80 g
  • vanilla sugar – 10 g
Ripe peaches
  • gelatin – 30 g
  • water – 150 ml
  • peach – 600 g

Method of preparation:

1. Pour gelatin with water and leave to swell for about 10-12 minutes.

Ingredients for the dessert

2. Pour sugar and vanilla sugar into the sour cream and mix with a whisk.

Gelatin and sour cream

3. Melt the swollen gelatin in the microwave and pour it into the sour cream, mix well.

4. Cut the peach randomly.

The basis for the dessert

5. Pour the sour cream into a convenient dish, put the dogs on top, and refrigerate for several hours.

Ready dessert

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