Beans in tomato juice like store-bought: how to preserve for the winter

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Recipe for beans in tomato juice. Source: Pixabay

Bean dishes are quite hearty, nutritious, and not at all difficult to prepare if you know some of the nuances. This type of legume goes well with almost all vegetables, sauces, cereals, and pastas. For example, beans can be cooked deliciously in tomato sauce and stored for the winter.

The recipe for beans in tomato juice was published on one of the cooking blogs (bonitavkusnoo) on Instagram.

Recipe for beans in tomato juice


  • beans - 800 g
  • tomatoes - 4 kg
  • oil - 200 ml
  • vinegar - 130 ml
  • sugar - 1 glass
  • salt - 2 tbsp.
Jars of beans in tomato juice for the winter
  • bay leaves - 7 pcs
  • peppercorns - 10 pcs

Method of preparation:

1. Pre-soak the beans overnight. In the morning, boil them until tender.

2. Meanwhile, beat the tomatoes in a blender or pass through a meat grinder.

3. Add salt, sugar, pepper, and bay leaves to the ground tomatoes. Stir and put on fire. Cook for 20 minutes.

Beans in tomato juice like store-bought

4. After 20 minutes, add the beans and oil. Cook for 20 minutes.

5. Add vinegar. Cook for 20 minutes.

6. Then pour the hot beans into jars. Close tightly, turn upside down, cover with something warm and leave until it cools completely.

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