Apricot jam: how to cook it properly to keep the apricots whole

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Apricot jam recipe
Apricot jam recipe. Source:

Apricots are the perfect fruit for making delicious jam, as well as fillings for pies, cakes, and dumplings. They can also be used to make delicious sauces for meat and fish.

Cook Olga Matviy shared a recipe for a successful apricot jam on her YouTube channel, which will be very tasty and flavorful (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

Homemade jam


  • apricots - 1 kg
Ripe apricots
  • sugar - 600-800 g
  • water - a few tablespoons

Method of preparation:

1. Wash the apricots, remove the pits.

Apricots for jam

2. Pour a little water into the pot in which you will cook the jam so that the bottom is covered. Add the sugar and stir.

Sugar and water

3. Put the apricot slices and cover with sugar.

Apricots with sugar

4. Put on the lowest heat and cook until the sugar melts. Remove and do not stir with a spoon, leave for 2 hours.

Making jam

5. Then bring to a boil, remove, and leave the jam overnight to infuse.

Ready-made jam

6. Put on the fire, bring the jam to a boil and preserve.

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