Appetizer in tartlets "Five minutes": what to use for the filling

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Recipe for appetizers in baskets. Source: Pexels

Perhaps there is not a single feast where the well-known tartlets are not on the festive table. This is one of the simplest appetizers. You can use anything to your liking as a filling: cheese, crab sticks, tuna, mushrooms, meat, eggs, various greens, and nuts. All you have to do is mix everything and fill the basket with the filling.

Food blogger Olha (podomashnemutut) shared a recipe for tartlets with melted cheese, garlic, and walnuts on her Instagram page.

Recipe for tartlets with melted cheese, garlic and walnuts


  • processed cheese
  • garlic
Tartlet filling
  • walnuts
  • mayonnaise

Method of preparation:

1. Processed cheese grate on a grater

2. Garlic chop through a press.

How to fill tartlets

3. You can chop the walnuts or put them whole inside the basket.

4. Mix all the ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Fill the tartlets with the filling.

5. When serving, sprinkle the tartlets with any herbs or green onions.

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