Alcoholic cocktail with currants: how to make an unusual gin and tonic

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Gin and tonic with currants
Gin and tonic with currants. Source: Instagram by Eduard Nasirov

Blackcurrant is not only a very healing berry that makes delicious and vitamin-packed jam, but also a great addition to drinks. For example, you can make a refreshing alcoholic cocktail with it.

Chef Eduard Nasirovshared a recipe for a delicious gin and tonic with currants on his Instagram page. According to him, gin can be perfectly flavored with various spices, citrus fruits, and berries.

Gin and tonic with currants.

Ingredients for 1 serving:

  • 60 ml gin with currants
  • 150 ml of tonic
  • 20 ml of simple syrup
  • a slice of orange
  • 1 nectarine.

For the currant gin:

  • 250 ml of gin
  • 100 g of black currant berries (a few young leaves are also acceptable).
Recipe for gin and tonic with currants.

Method of preparation:

1. Lightly crush the berries and pour gin. Let stand for at least a day, preferably 2-3 days, strain.

2. For a cocktail, put the nectarine in a chilled glass with ice, pour in a mixture of gin, orange juice, and syrup, pour the Indian tonic on top, stir, and enjoy.

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