7 foods to avoid before bedtime

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What not to eat at night
What not to eat at night

We all know that eating before bed is not the best idea, it is better to do it 3-4 hours before bedtime, and even better – to refuse to eat after 6 p.m. so as not to overload the stomach at night and not feel uncomfortable in the morning. You can safely drink water at night, but in small quantities, as well as kefir or fruit drink.

Today, FoodOboz editorial team will share with you a list of 7 foods that you should definitely give up before bed.

1. Cereals

Oatmeal should be eaten in the morning

The best time to eat cereals is in the morning; they should not be eaten for dinner because of the large amount of sugar in them, which will provoke a glucose spike.

2. Ice cream

Berry ice cream

If the ice cream is not homemade, it is better to give it up before bed, it is very high in calories and contains a lot of sugar. But even if it is homemade, it is better to eat it in the morning.

3. Raw vegetables

Fresh vegetables

Vegetables should be eaten in the morning and afternoon, but not before bed, as they can cause bloating.

4. Smoothies

Berry smoothie

Smoothies are a tasty snack option, but not before bed. Since they are based on vegetables and fruits, they will take a long time to digest and this will overload the stomach.

5. Spicy foods

Spicy food

Seasoned foods will increase the acidity of the stomach and raise heart pressure, so you should not eat them at night.

6. Watermelon

Fresh watermelon

This is a very tasty and healthy product, but it is too diuretic, and it is best to eat it in the morning and afternoon and even in the morning. If you eat this fruit at night, you will also get swelling in the morning.

7. Meat

Meat is a heavy product

Meat is a heavy food that you should not eat before bed. This way, you won't give your stomach a chance to rest at night. As a result, you will get: poor sleep, feeling unwell in the morning, and even heartburn.

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