7 foods that accelerate aging the most are named: you should give them up right now

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What foods accelerate aging. Source: Pexels

Everything we eat directly affects the condition of our skin. And there's a list of foods from your usual diet that can cause premature aging. Therefore, it is advisable to minimize their consumption, and in the best case, to completely abandon them.

Dietitian Anhela Fedets (dr.anhela_fedets) shared 7 foods that accelerate aging on her Instagram page.

What foods accelerate aging

1. Products to which you have an individual confirmed intolerance or allergy.

2. White sugar in cubes (refined sugar).

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3. Bread and muffins made from white flour of the highest grade.

4. Refined and technically processed foods and oils with a high content of omega-6. This includes refined oils that are converted into trans fats during the production process. It is also processed meat products: sausages, pates, minced meat.

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5. Foods containing advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The most popular of these are very fried meat, toast, caramelized sugar, and foods with a "ruddy crust ".

6. Alcohol.

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7. Store-bought ketchups, mayonnaise, and various sauces.

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