5 most common mistakes in salting red fish

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How to salt red fish correctly
How to salt red fish correctly

If you choose and salt red fish correctly, you can get a very tasty product. Don't forget that it is very healthy even in salted form, if you don't "overdo it" with salt.

FoodOboz editorial team has prepared for you the 5 most common mistakes when salting fish that can completely ruin a delicious product.

1. Choice of fish

Frozen fish is not suitable for salting, because the probability that it will simply disintegrate is very high. It is better to take fresh, whole fish.

2. Color and eyes

Always pay attention to the eyes

Be sure to pay attention to this, as fish with cloudy eyes are a very dangerous spoiled product. Also, fresh fish should not have gills with a mucous coating, another "signal" of danger is yellow color and an unpleasant odor.

3. Incorrectly selected salt

For a good salting, it is better to take salt without any additives, as they can "block" the aroma and taste of the fish. The best salt is sea or rock salt. If you opt for iodized salt, be prepared for the fish to have a rusty color and bad taste.

4. Incorrect proportions

If you take too little of the same salt, you'll get tasteless fish, but you don't need to over-salt it either. The fish itself will "take" the right amount of salt.

You can also add sugar – it will add tenderness and softness to the fish.

5. Too many seasonings

No need to pour a lot of seasoning and salt

They can completely "kill" the taste of the fish, interrupting its exquisite flavor. It's best to add just a little black pepper, lemon, and coriander.

If you salt the fish properly, you will get a very tasty, flavorful product that can be eaten simply with bread and butter, as well as added to a salad or pizza.

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