5 effective cereals for weight loss

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Healthy cereals
Healthy cereals

If you've decided to lose weight, regular cereals will be a great help. In addition, they can be used to prepare many healthy, tasty dishes and even those that can be eaten after 6 pm.

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected 5 types of cereals that will be an effective tool in the fight against extra pounds.

1. Buckwheat

It is best to organize fasting days on buckwheat

This is a win-win option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for those who want to lose weight. Firstly, it is very satisfying and gives you a feeling of fullness for a long time, and secondly, it is quick to prepare, just pour boiling water over the cereal and cover.

If you decide to have at least one buckwheat fasting day, the result will not be long in coming, and you will see a minus on the scales.

Remember to drink plenty of clean water and herbal tea.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal cleanses the body

It is the fastest cereal to cook, and it is high in fiber, which is so necessary for cleansing the body while losing weight. It also activates the digestive process and cleanses the body.

For an even better effect, you just need to add a little cinnamon to it, which activates the metabolism. You can also sweeten it with honey, and add fresh berries or fruits.

3. Rice

Rice is good for weight loss

The best way to lose weight is to eat unprocessed brown rice. It is very beneficial for the body, and if you add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to it, especially in boiling water, it will significantly reduce its caloric content due to the effect of oil on the cereal – it changes the structure of starch.

4. Barley groats

Porridge can be eaten with fresh salads and meat

Barley groats are a very valuable product, they contain a lot of phosphorus, which is necessary for good metabolism, and they also lower blood sugar. It's also satisfying, and if you eat it for breakfast, you won't feel hungry for several hours.

5. Millet

Millet is very easy to prepare

A light, tasty product that helps to eliminate fats and toxins from the body, while saturating it with magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, and vitamins. The preparation of the groats is simple: just rinse them well, cover them with 3 cups of water, and cook until tender.

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