4 tricks to make avocados ripen quickly revealed

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It is not recommended to put green avocados in the oven
Do not put green avocados in the oven

Avocado is a delicious tropical fruit with incredible texture, great flavor, and versatility for preparing numerous dishes. However, it must be soft before you use it.

If the avocado is green, do not put it in the oven to try to speed up the ripening process. There are other techniques you can use to preserve all its benefits. All you need is a paper bag, flour, sunlight, apples, or bananas, according to ticbeat.com.

4 tricks to ripen avocados quickly

  • Put it in a paper bag. This is a simple and effective way to ripen avocados quickly. It naturally softens, releasing ethylene gas, and the bag traps it from the inside, speeding up ripening.
  • Store with other fruits. You can also improve the previous method by placing apples or bananas next to the avocado. They also emit ethylene, which increases its concentration and improves the efficiency of the process.
  • Cover with flour. If you put flour in a bag to cover or partially submerge the avocado, the release of ethylene from it will only increase. Flour also has the additional effect of absorbing excess moisture, helping the fruit to be perfectly ripe, green, and creamy, rather than brown and soft.
  • Place in a sunny place. This will allow you to soften the avocado faster without changing its taste, which is typical of heating in the oven or microwave.

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