4 dangerous foods you shouldn't even try

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The most dangerous food
The most dangerous food

We have all heard many times that there is food that is not even safe to try. However, in the menus of the most exotic restaurants, you can find rotten cheeses, unusual fruits, and poisonous creatures.

These foods are eaten to feel the adrenaline, but some of them can even cost you your life. The FoodOboz editorial team has compiled a list of dishes from around the world that are dangerous.

1. Expired foods

Bread with mold is very dangerous

If your homemade food is already expired, it's best to get rid of it. Since mold, for example, on bread can be extremely dangerous, you can also often get poisoned even in a good restaurant and cafe.

2. Dangerous exotic dishes

If you are traveling to exotic countries such as China or Japan, keep in mind that what the indigenous people eat there can be extremely dangerous for you, since your body is not used to such food.

Scorpion barbecue

In China, for example, you can eat poisonous wasps, bumblebees, and scorpions served as barbecue, but you can only imagine how you will feel after such exotic food.

And in Japan, a very popular and extremely dangerous dish is fugu fish. Everyone knows perfectly well that a person can die after eating it if it is not properly cooked.

Fugu fish

You can also try the giant jellyfish, which contains a lot of poison and can be fatal.

Octopus meat itself is not dangerous to health, but nevertheless, more than 9000 people die every year by choking on tentacles. If the tentacles remain alive, they suck on the esophagus and nasopharynx, blocking the air supply, and the person dies.

Octopus dishes can be dangerous

Another dangerous delicacy is the bullfrog, which is most often cooked in Namibia.

The dangerous bullfrog

In France, the French favorite frog legs are considered dangerous due to the content of dangerous toxins.

Frog legs

3. Dangerous plants

In Jamaica, for example, they eat the aki fruit, which is very poisonous before it ripens or until it is boiled in water.

Dangerous aki fruit

In Africa, flour is made from the cassava root, but other parts of this plant contain a large amount of hydrocyanic acid, and if it gets into the flour, it can even be fatal.

cassava roots

4. The most dangerous dish

In Sardinia, there is a dish called "Casu Marzu" – rotten cheese with fly larvae. It has a terrible flavor because real fly larvae live in it. The cheese is made from sheep's milk and then put out in the open air for flies to land and lay their larvae.

Scientists believe that eating this delicacy can cause allergies and, of course, poisoning. It is important that if the larvae survive in the stomach, they can easily even drill through the thin walls of the intestine.

Cheese with fly larvae

It is worth noting that dangerous food is not only the food that instantly leads to malfunctions in the body, but also the food that you have been eating for years – junk food – fatty foods, fast food, too salty and sweet foods, as well as sweets, sodas, sauces, spices, vinegar.

Junk food

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