3 mistakes that will ruin any potato dish

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How not to spoil potato dishes
How not to spoil potato dishes

If you're cooking potatoes and every time the dish doesn't turn out as tasty or as successful as you'd like, there may be several reasons for this. One of them is simply the wrong temperature.

The FoodOboz editorial team has identified a few major cooking mistakes that will definitely spoil the quality and taste of potatoes.

1. High temperature

At what temperature is it best to cook potatoes

If you bake potatoes at too high a temperature, they will remain soggy inside and burn on the outside. If the temperature is too low, it will simply fall apart and turn into a tasteless mess.

Therefore, the temperature should be medium –– about 150-170 C.

2. Time

All potato varieties need to be cooked for different amounts of time

For each type of potato, you need to choose a specific cooking time to avoid getting a completely tasteless product.

Also, before boiling or baking, cold potatoes need to be heated a little, so they will be much tastier after cooking.

3. Salt

Salt potatoes is a must

It should be added to taste, either at the beginning of cooking or at the end, it will not spoil the dish, on the contrary, it will only enhance the taste and aroma. But sugar should never be added to potatoes; they are not "friends".

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