10 most delicious fillings for zrazy that take no more than 15 minutes to prepare

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Recipe for zrazy
Recipe for zrazy

Zrazy is a tasty and satisfying dish based on mashed potatoes, but the fillings can be different, ranging from cabbage to meat and mushrooms. But don't forget that you can always experiment a little by adding spices, new ingredients or sauces to a familiar dish, and the dish will sparkle with new flavors.

Mushrooms for the filling

Cook Vita (v.vanilinka) shared on Instagram 10 ideas for delicious fillings for zrazy that are easy and quick to prepare.

Recipe for filling zrazy

The basis for the zrazy:

  • potatoes - 8-10 pcs.
Mashed potatoes
  • flour - 4-6 tbsp.
  • eggs - 2 pcs.
Homemade potato patties
  • butter - 20 g
  • salt and spices - to taste
Wheat flour
  • oil for frying

10 fillings for the dumplings:

1. Fried minced meat.

Minced beef for a dish

2. Boiled and chopped meat with fried onions.

Onions for the dish

3. Stuffing from stewed offal.

4. Stuffed boiled fish.

5. Canned tuna, egg and herbs.

Canned tuna

6. Stewed cabbage, stewed mushrooms with onions and carrots.

7. Salted cheese with herbs.

Homemade potato patties

8. Eggs with green onions.

Homemade potato patties

9. Fried onions and carrots.

Onions and carrots

10. Buckwheat with herbs.

Delicious zrazy with buckwheat

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