Zlata Ognevich, Iryna Bilyk and other Ukrainian stars before and after makeup. Photo

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Zlata Ognevich and Olya Tsybulskaya with spectacular makeup

Ukrainian makeup artist and blogger Yegor Andriushyn is a master at transforming into seductive drag queens. For his looks, he puts on wigs, spectacular outfits, and bright makeup, and posts the finished videos on social media. This provocative content is of great interest to people! For example, his Instagram page has over 180 thousand followers, and his TikTok page has 440 thousand.

Yegor has many years of experience in the beauty industry and, of course, knows how to "rejuvenate" his clients and emphasize their natural beauty. That's why Ukrainian stars often turn to him. Read more in the article by OBOZ.UA.

1. Zlata Ognevich

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich naturally has expressive eyes, sharp cheekbones and plump lips, which Andriushyn emphasized with the help of evening makeup. The arrows and shimmering shadows on the eyelids made the artist's look a bit playful, and the semi-matte lipstick delicately increased the volume of the lips.

Zlata Ognevich without makeup and with elegant makeup

2. Olya Tsybulska

Ukrainian singer, TV and radio presenter Olya Tsybulska is one of Yegor's regular clients. And while the makeup artist made her first makeup looks elegant, later he decided on a bolder experiment. Andriushyn created a cosplay of the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. To do this, he put on a wig with bright red hair, evened out her complexion, made her lips look seductive, and applied rich purple eyeshadow to her eyelids and added purple arrows.

Olya Tsybulska before and after applying makeup

3. Natalia Mohylevska

Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Natalia Mohylevska, like her colleague Olya Tsybulska, has repeatedly turned to Andriushyn. And she was right! Every time, the master skillfully places accents in her makeup: he makes her eyes more expressive, her lips more voluminous, her skin color lighter, and her face contour clearer. This helps to visually "refresh" the star's image.

Natalia Mohylevska without makeup and with elegant makeup

4. Angelina Usanova

Angelina Usanova, a singer and representative of Ukraine at Miss Universe 2023, showed herself without a drop of makeup on her face in a video posted by Yegor. Then users recognized her as the famous Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima. Later in the video, the master of transformation gave the beauty a creative look in a heavenly shade, adding a blue wig, an off-the-shoulder dress, and a luxurious crown to the spectacular makeover.

Angelina Usanova before and after makeup application

5. Masha Kondratenko

Ukrainian singer, actress, and blogger Masha Kondratenko, who became famous after starring in the TV series School, wears minimalist makeup and Old Money clothes in her everyday life. Andriushyn decided to show the star in an atypical look for her: a fur hat and dress and bright blue eyeshadow.

Masha Kondratenko before and after applying makeup

6. Iryna Bilyk

53-year-old Ukrainian singer and songwriter Iryna Bilyk, thanks to a well-done makeover, looks much younger than her real age. Yegor Andriushyn effectively emphasized the celebrity's eyes with shimmering shadows, and with the help of foundation, powder and other cosmetic products, he made her skin fresh and radiant. He completed the look with a black hat and shirt, as well as a wig with blonde long hair and bangs.

Iryna Bilyk without makeup and with exquisite makeup


SKYLERR, a singer and participant of the National Selection for Eurovision 2024, entrusted Yegor with her stage look. The makeup artist gave the girl a bright makeup with an emphasis on the eyes, and complemented it with a bright blue wig with massive earrings.

Valeria Kudryavets before and after makeup application

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