Why the orchid does not bloom: how to stimulate the "queen of the windowsill"

Orchids need a little stress to make you happy with their blooms. Source: Created with the help of AI

When we buy an orchid for our home garden, we hope that it will delight us with its blooms. But this is not always the case, and the flower remains dormant for a long time.

Is it possible to force an orchid to release its buds without harming the plant? Experts say yes. OBOZ.UA found out what they advise for this purpose.

The problem is that many people buy an orchid that blooms, so they can't handle it later. All they need to do is learn more about this wonderful plant species and adjust their care according to professional recommendations. And remember that it may even take several months before a new flower stalk appears on the plant.

So, what can stimulate an orchid to bloom? In fact, the plant needs a little stress. First of all, stop watering the flower excessively. Don't try to take care of it too much. Excessive water, fertilizer, and attention only hurt the plant.

Therefore, if your orchid is not blooming, reduce watering and the amount of fertilizer you put in the pot. The flower does not tolerate overwatering, and excessive fertilization can destroy it. Therefore, let the substrate dry completely before watering the plant again. Also, keep the orchid cool at night. Daily temperature fluctuations within 10 degrees also stimulate it to produce a new peduncle faster.

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