Why almost everyone in the USSR had a tea mushroom: interesting reasons

Kombucha, so popular in Soviet times, is now experiencing a new wave of popularity. Source: Created with the help of AI

The Soviet era was a time when people didn't have a large selection of delicious food s and fun entertainment. So they invented them for themselves. Sometimes, with additional beneficial effects.

For example, they grew a tea mushroom in the kitchen to make a special drink. OBOZ.UA explains why this product was so popular and what benefits it brought.

A living corner without additional hassle

If a dog needs to be walked every day and a cat needs to be cleaned up, kombucha doesn't require complicated care. All that is needed to successfully grow a medusomycete (which is the name of this zoo mushroom made of bacteria and yeast fungi) is to feed it sugar in time. For Soviet people, kombucha was often a kind of strange pet. And yet it could be very useful.

A healthy drink in unlimited quantities

The liquid that the mushroom turns sweet tea into is now known as kombucha. This non-alcoholic fermented beverage is considered to be a healthy product that is recommended to be consumed in small amounts every day. In particular, it helps to improve digestion.

Kombucha is currently experiencing a new wave of popularity. And if you have kombucha, you can make it in unlimited quantities. Simply add strained and cooled sweet black tea to a jar with the jellyfish and you'll have a ready-made drink in a couple of days. It can be consumed immediately, or you can bottle it, add different juices and leave it in the refrigerator for a few more days to get a flavored double-fermented product. In short, kombucha also gives you room for creativity.

Myths about the benefits

While the beneficial effect of kombucha on digestion is scientifically proven and tested, in the USSR it was also credited with a whole host of miraculous properties. The lack of many medicines and the specific treatment of patients in medical institutions pushed people to look for a panacea, including among food products.

It was believed that a drink made from kombucha could boost immunity to sky-high levels, was good for diabetes, rheumatism, gout, hemorrhoids, calmed the nerves, and even helped prevent infections and cancer. Of course, these are mostly unfounded myths. But still, a glass of the drink a day can bring tangible health benefits.

Our answer to cola

While in the "decaying West" people consumed liters of sweet lemonade, in the USSR they were opposed to a "miraculous" drink made from kombucha. It supposedly not only did not lead to obesity, but also helped fight even diabetes.

In fact, kombucha contains about 20-30 calories per 100 ml. For comparison, a carbonated drink with sugar content has 40-45 calories per 100 ml. Therefore, you shouldn't abuse kombucha either.

Although the drink made from it does taste quite pleasant. It has a low content of carbon dioxide, which provides bubbles and a pleasant tingling sensation during consumption. Sweet and sour kombucha is also quite refreshing. It's a bit like kvass, which it tastes a bit like. Therefore, a glass of the drink on the rocks can really be a good alternative to cola on a hot day.

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