Who will make a fateful decision: tarot horoscope for the rest of the week

Tarot horoscope for the week. Source: freepik.com

Life is a series of choices, big and small, that lead us along our unique path. Sometimes we know where we are going, but sometimes we face a crossroads where we need help and guidance.

The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each of which is filled with endless knowledge and possibilities. Astrologers have prepared a horoscope for each zodiac sign until March 31 inclusive, based on tarot tips.


King of Wands

This week you may have a life-changing opportunity. You have the strength and courage to take it, so go for it. While you may have shied away from leadership positions in the past because you were overwhelmed, it's time to assert your power firmly.

The key to success is to be clear about your path and set realistic goals that will help you achieve what you want.


Page of Swords

If you've been waiting for a sign to start doing something, this is it. The Page of Swords indicates that you are full of energy and excitement about a new project. Be prepared for the fact that you will need to maintain your enthusiasm until the very end.

No matter what direction you choose in life, there will always be obstacles you have to overcome. Don't let them stop you.


9 of Pentacles

This week the 9 of Pentacles invites you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You've been putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your work and now you can see the results of your efforts.

Take some time for yourself and take advantage of your success. Plan a trip, go to the spa, and buy that expensive bottle of wine you've been eyeing.

Who will make a fateful decision: tarot horoscope for the rest of the week


4 of Swords

Rest, reflect, and recover. You may have recently faced a difficult situation, such as losing a job, a breakup, or money problems. It took a lot out of you, and now you may be feeling mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained.

It's important to give yourself a chance to recover. This will help you get back into the real world and move forward.


King of Swords

Your mind is your greatest asset this week. You may have to make an important decision or start exploring uncharted territory in a certain area of your life.

Don't let your emotions take control of you. Be guided by logic and reason.

You will find the right path only when you really try to get to the bottom of the matter. Don't be prejudiced to see things as they really are.


Ace of Wands

If you've been waiting for a sign from the universe, this is it. The Ace of Wands symbolizes a new beginning and reveals all the potential that awaits you.

Start a new project or begin to explore a new field that has always fascinated you.

You don't have to quit your current job and jump into the unknown. Even small steps forward that won't cause stress will still bring you closer to success.



It's easy to get caught up in the frantic rhythm of everyday life, but now you're being urged to stop, slow down, and pay attention to your feelings. You can start with something as simple as stopping and smelling the flowers.

By grounding yourself in this way, you open yourself up to seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, tasting, and truly experiencing all of life's greatest rewards.


7 of Wands

This week, the 7 of Wands calls for you to stand your ground. Right now you may feel that someone or something is putting obstacles in your way. You might think about backing down, but you need to stand up for what you believe in.

Failure is inevitable, but it is not a reason to give up. Find the courage and inner strength to overcome all obstacles.

Who will make a fateful decision: tarot horoscope for the rest of the week


4 of Cups

This card signals that you feel unfulfilled and long for some change in your life. You may be constantly noticing people around you who have achieved what you once aspired to. This can make Sagittarians feel unmotivated and discouraged.

This week, try to address the root cause of these feelings. Is the neighbor's grass really greener, or do you just need to spend time watering your own garden?



Unexpected changes may be coming your way this week. Your first reaction to them may be fear and a desire to return everything to its place, but ask yourself why you are resisting. Remember that change is always necessary for progress and development.

However, do not let your principles and faith be destroyed. They are at a deeper level and are the foundation of your personality.



The Chariot is a card that encourages willpower, action, and self-control. This week, you will be asked to exercise your power and boldly take charge.

This is not the time to passively wait for good things to happen to you. You need to show perseverance and discipline, put on emotional and mental armor, and boldly move towards your goal despite the obstacles.


6 of Swords

Pisces will finally let go of something that has been holding them back for so long this week. Although it may be mentally difficult, sometimes we have no choice but to walk away from an unfavorable situation that is holding us back.

Finally, move away from your comfort zone, let go of everything that hinders you once and for all, and head for your happy future.

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