Which signs should not start a business: the opinion of astrologers

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Starting your own business is always a risk, and not everyone will dare to make a rather impulsive decision. Perseverance, consistency, and courage are the main qualities of successful businessmen, but luck plays an important role as well.

Not all zodiac signs are prone to such risks. Many value stability above all else, so the daily routine from 9 to 18 in the office is quite comfortable for them. Astrologers told us which signs shouldn't start a business.


Pisces is the zodiac sign least suitable for business and wealth accumulation. They are dreamy, sensual, and intuitive individuals who are more often guided by feelings than logic in their decision-making. Pisces tends to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, so they can also have problems choosing business partners and employees.

Pisces do not like arguments and do not know how to defend their point of view. They often have their head in the clouds and seek inspiration in creativity. Business is too cruel and unpredictable for them. The business world reminds Pisces of a battlefield where strength, courage, and endurance are required in addition to knowledge and talent. Pisces are too trusting and rarely ready to express their point of view.


Sagittarians are known for their recklessness and adventurousness. With their desire for independence, they seem to have every chance of being successful businessmen. But there is a caveat – Sagittarians are too impulsive and rarely follow through with what they have started. They always need vivid emotions and a change of scenery.

Desire and action are two different things for Sagittarius. These people are overly hasty, impulsive, emotional, and sometimes careless. And in the world of business, it's never easy: the more careless you are, the more opportunities your rivals have to exploit you, use unfair tactics, and harm you. Therefore, the best way for Sagittarians to accumulate wealth is to simply enjoy a carefree life and look for a job that is more in line with their adventurous nature and causes fewer headaches.


Owning your own business is a very stressful business. Having unlimited power, Cancer can begin to oppress others, or it has every chance of being oppressed by a business partner. The main problem is the inability to understand people. Sometimes Cancers trust those who are not worthy of trust at all.

Cancers cannot remain calm in the face of difficulties. All their decisions in a force majeure situation are chaotic and illogical. There is a chance to succeed in business by studying hard, working hard, and showing determination.

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