When to mow your lawn in spring: tips to help you avoid harming your grass

The quality of the lawn throughout the season depends on the first mowing. Source: Created with the help of AI

This year's spring has been very warm and the grass on lawns is growing rapidly. Soon it will be time to mow it. But how not to harm the lawn?

OBOZ.UA asked experts for their opinion. They say that you should not delay the first lawn mowing of the season too much. The thing is that young grass cut in time will grow more lush and cover the ground better.

How to choose the right time to mow your lawn

Grass comes out of its dormant state when the average daily temperature consistently exceeds 8 degrees Celsius. From that moment on, it begins to grow and develop intensively. But choose a time when it is no longer frosty at night. Night frost can not only damage freshly cut grass, but also destroy your lawn. In our latitudes, the best time to mow your lawn for the first time is usually in April or early May.

You can also take into account the height of the grass. When it has grown to about 6-8 cm, you can start mowing. However, if you have just sown the lawn or re-seeded the grass, you should wait until it reaches 10 cm in height.

It is best to perform the first mowing on a cloudy but dry day. Sunny weather will lead to rapid drying of the cuts on the grass, and rainwater will crush the vegetation and make the haircut uneven. In addition, high humidity makes the lawn more vulnerable to infections and pests.

How to mow the lawn for the first time in the season

First, make sure your mower is in good working order and that the blades are sharp. To do this, carry out the necessary maintenance beforehand.

After that, clear the lawn of any debris. Gather leaves, twigs, and pebbles, level the surface, and roll in the sod. Next, cut the grass to a maximum of one-third of its height. The first mowing should not be too short. The main task is to trim the grass and make it bushier. The recommended height can be reached with the next mowing. Try to maintain more or less the same grass height throughout the year and do not cut the vegetation too low, as this can severely damage the quality of the lawn.

Do not try to level the lawn in one go. Cut the tallest grass first, and then bring all the grass to the same height. After mowing, water the lawn properly.

And don't cut it too often. Usually two treatments in April will be enough. Allow the grass to develop properly. However, if there are no night frosts and the grass is growing very rapidly, you can take the mower out once a week.

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