What you should never do with allergies: the doctor gave a detailed explanation

Allergies can be manifested by sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes

A person who is allergic to the flowering of various plant species is not allowed to be treated with herbal remedies of any plant-based nature. Because of this, no folk methods of dealing with allergies will be effective - they should not be used.

Allergist Oleh Nazar told OBOZ.UA about this in a commentary. His only recommendation in this case is to drink more fluids, which will come out as mucus and wash out the nose.

"In cooperation with a herbalist who really knows the information, you can choose herbs that activate the human adrenal glands, increase the level of cortisol, a hormone that is supposed to suppress allergies, but it is not known how the body will react to this herb. I had patients who took some tincture, smeared celandine on their skin to remove warts, and it gave them an allergic reaction up to asthma. That's why folk methods don't work at all," said Nazar.

In addition, he noted that an allergy can manifest itself for several years in a row, but people do not pay attention to it, mistaking it for something else.

"That is, as we were taught at the military registration and enlistment office, a recruit comes in, you take his card and see when he has SARS, and he has it in spring or summer every 2 weeks. What kind of SARS is it, if he has a fever of 40 degrees. It means it's an allergy that can be mistaken for SARS, because there is swelling, runny nose, red eyes," the doctor said.

He emphasized that the most effective pharmacy medications for allergies are vasoconstrictors, antihistamines, anti-allergies, and corticosteroids.

"You shouldn't be afraid of them, because about 5-6% of these hormones alone can be absorbed through the mucous membrane, they work mainly locally, but they allow you to control this allergy and reduce the use of tableted drugs," Nazar emphasized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- Mayo Clinic specialists told how to alleviate allergy symptoms and meet spring fully armed. Although it is impossible to influence the awakening of nature, there are several ways to prepare for the arrival of spring and try to minimize unpleasant symptoms.

- British allergy research and treatment experts have compiled a list of 14 foods for the government's Food Standards Agency that people most often have an adverse reaction to. Previously, it included eight products, but now the list had to be expanded.

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