What you need to have at home in winter during the war: a list of the most necessary gadgets

Pavlo is an expert in outdoor activities and knows a lot about travel gadgets

Kharkiv-based blogger Pavlo Pakhomenko runs the Nasnaga YouTube channel about outdoor activities. Therefore, he is well versed in gadgets that make staying away from civilization more comfortable.

On the eve of the difficult winter that Ukraine is likely to face, the man decided to share his experience and listed travel and other gadgets that will be useful to everyone. To watch the full video, please read the news to the end. In the meantime, we'll tell you about the devices that Pavlo considers critical for everyone.


A lightweight lighting device that is worn on the head and leaves your hands free. Usually, such lights have several brightness settings. Pavlo recommends carrying it in your pocket at all times and keeping it handy even at night. In the event of an emergency, this gadget will be absolutely indispensable.

Compact diffused light flashlight

A headlamp provides a directional beam and helps you see specific things in front of you, while this gadget fills a certain space, such as a room, with light. Usually, such lights are equipped with a bracket so that the device can be hung, and some models can also be magnetized to metal surfaces. Pavlo said that when he needs to, he magnetizes such a light to the boiler in his bathroom.

Pocket radio

This is a rather exotic gadget nowadays, as radios are now built into smartphones, car audio systems, etc. However, if any other connection is lost, a pocket radio can be a reliable source of news and useful information.

Power bank

An external battery that can charge a whole bunch of devices is now an essential item. It's best to get a power bank with as large a capacity as possible - 10,000 mAh may not be enough during a long power outage.

A notebook with a pencil or pen

We've become accustomed to relying on the phone's address book and no longer memorize the phone numbers of even our closest friends and family. This can play a cruel joke in the event of a power outage. That's why it's better to have a notebook with numbers, addresses, and other important information about those you communicate with most closely. Pavlo advises to always have such a notebook with you.

Travel "kitchen"

An experienced travel blogger always has a handy compact pot with a lid and folding handles, which holds small containers of spices and tea (Pavlo's are photo film containers), as well as paper sticks with sugar and a travel gas cylinder with a folding burner, etc. It's good to have a lighter or matches to go with the burner in case the ignition system fails, which happens from time to time. Especially in cheaper models.


In order to avoid boiling water many times, Pavlo advises to heat a certain amount of water once and carry it in a thermos. With this boiling water, you can quickly brew porridge from a packet or tea.

A travel foam mat

Such mats are also called foam mats. A small lightweight mat, which can even be folding, will come in handy if you have to spend a long time outside the house, for example, in a shelter. Such a "foam" will protect you from catching a cold if you have to sit on a cold surface, such as a concrete floor.

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