What number is missing? A tricky puzzle

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Puzzle about the numerical sequence. Source: jagranjosh.com

The best way to train your brain is through intellectual training. Express puzzles improve cognitive skills, stimulate memory, and focus. Regular brain challenges can reduce the risk of age-related neurological diseases in the long run, so puzzles will be useful for both adults and children.

An interesting puzzle is gaining popularity online. Try to determine which number is missing from the sequence.

What number is missing? A tricky puzzle

Math puzzles are perfect for improving logic and problem-solving skills. These challenges present a sequence of numbers with a space - can you crack the code and find the missing piece?

Numerous studies have shown that math puzzles improve the functioning of the prefrontal cortex, which controls cognitive abilities. At the same time, the body produces dopamine, which regulates memory, concentration, and improves mood.

According to surveys, only 1 person out of 20 can crack this code in just 30 seconds. This is no ordinary math problem. It requires not only basic operations, but also the discovery of hidden logic that unites the numbers. Are you ready to prove your mental agility?

The correct answer

So, we have the sequence - 18, 46, 94, ? , 52, 61.

The secret of the puzzle is in the inverse numbers.

The arithmetic series is the result of the following examples:

  • 9 squared = 81 (the inverse number is 18).
  • By analogy:
  • 8 squared = 64 (the inverse of 46);
  • 7 squared = 49 (the reciprocal of 94);
  • ?
  • 5 squared = 25 (the reciprocal of 52);
  • 4 squared = 16 (the reciprocal of 61).

Accordingly, 6 squared = 36 (the inverse of 63).

The complete sequence should look like this:

18, 46, 94, 63, 52, 61.

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