What not to plant next to onions: no harvest due to disease

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The right neighborhood is the key to a successful harvest. If, despite all the watering and fertilizing, you don't get the desired result, you should probably pay attention to the arrangement of the garden.

Onions are a fairly unpretentious crop, and now is the time to start planting them. Read what not to plant next to onions in the OBOZ.UA article.

Where not to plant onions

Experts advise paying attention to the right neighborhood. Even the best variety growing next to an unfavorable crop may not yield the expected yield.

It is better not to plant onions next to garlic, although this combination can often be found in the garden. Experienced gardeners warn that only one of these two crops will yield a good harvest. Onions and garlic compete with each other for nutrients and water in the soil.

Small and poor-quality bulbs can grow next to the following crops:

  • beets;
  • legumes;
  • asparagus;
  • sage.

The right neighborhood

So it is useful to know which plants can be planted next to onions to make them grow large and healthy. Experts emphasize that the practice of mixed planting will help improve the quality and quantity of the crop, as well as prevent various diseases and pests.

Carrots can be planted in the garden next to onions, as these two crops complement each other perfectly. Carrots improve the flavor of onions, and onions, in turn, have a beneficial effect on carrots, repelling pests, in particular, the carrot fly.

Herbs, such as parsley and dill, will improve the flavor of onions and protect the garden from pests.

Tomatoes are another good neighbor for onions. However, you should keep the distance between the beds at least 35-40 cm, otherwise, the tomatoes will begin to shade the onion plantings.

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