What must be done with strawberries in spring: there may be no harvest at all

Perennial strawberries require a careful approach to fertilization. Source: Created with the help of AI

Strawberries are perhaps the earliest of the garden berries, beginning to ripen at the end of May. Therefore, you need to take care of it already to get a really good harvest and ensure that you get large, juicy, and really sweet berries.

If you skip this important stage, you may be disappointed with the harvest. To prevent this from happening, OBOZ.UA found out what experts advise to do in time for the strawberry garden in April.

First of all, take care of fertilizing. Strawberries have been growing in the same place for several years, so they gradually deplete the soil. The nutrients it needs must be applied regularly to avoid this.

While the young leaves are actively growing, provide the berry with plenty of nitrogen. It is contained in ammonium nitrate or urea. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of either of these substances in 10 liters of water and water the bed with this mixture. The specified amount will be enough for 10-20 bushes, depending on the plant's nitrogen requirement.

The above substances can also be applied by the dry method. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of fertilizer over the soil surface and dig it into a shallow depth. Nitrogen will gradually dissolve and be absorbed with each watering or rain.

As for organic fertilizers, infused chicken manure or mullein are suitable for early fertilization. Dilute 1 kg of dry weight in 10 liters of water and leave in a dark and warm place for 4 days. After that, the concentrate should be diluted with clean water in a ratio of 1:5 and poured over the strawberries at the root.

When buds appear on the plant, it will need to be fertilized with potassium. To provide 10-20 bushes with the substance, dissolve 1 teaspoon of any potash fertilizer in 10 liters of water – the watering mixture is ready.

Potassium is also found in ash. You can sprinkle it under strawberry bushes or insist on 1 kg of dry ash in 10 liters of water for two days and generously spray the plants with the resulting liquid. This should also help in pest control.

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