Time of painful rebirth: astrological forecast for the terrifying full moon in Scorpio on April 24

Full Moon. Source: Created with the help of AI

The spring full moon in Scorpio will bring many difficulties and trials. Astrologers emphasize that a period of profound transformations and fateful decisions is ahead.

April was also marked by Mercury's retrograde movement in the fire sign of Aries, a monumental eclipse, and a special conjunction of the planets that happens once every 14 years. According to the forecast, April 24 will be the most intense full moon of the calendar year.

Scorpio is a sign with very strong energy. The destructive aspects of the Full Moon will be somewhat smoothed out by the influence of Taurus, which is responsible for calm and stability. The Full Moon in Scorpio is already considered a heavy blow, and with the retrograde, some signs will have to face a test of strength.

On April 24, the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio will form a powerful T-square with Pluto, the symbol of death and rebirth, which is in Aquarius this year.

Pluto was named after the god of the underworld for a reason. Representing deep transformations and rebirth, Pluto is the celestial ruler of Scorpio. These transits will bring truly crucial moments in life, and the long-term future will depend on the decisions we make.

A T-square is formed when at least two planets oppose each other and both "square" a third planet. The third planet is known as the apex or focal planet. Here, extremely strong energies are activated, which will encourage a reassessment of values and the abandonment of everything that is not useful.

"The T-square looks like a clot of energy, acuity, and stress. It symbolizes contradictory aspects. Focal Pluto will be the dynamic point of this configuration," explained astrologer Frank Clifford.

The T-squares always descend in the same modality, and in the case of the April Full Moon, this modality is fixed.

Clifford emphasized that these astrological aspects will encourage you to show all your courage. To achieve a goal, it is important to show courage and perseverance. Without the courage to move forward despite all obstacles, you will not be able to achieve the goal.

During the April Full Moon, you will have to plunge into the emotional depths. Serious challenges in relationships are likely to be a sharp catalyst for change. The main lesson of this month is that letting go is painful, but sometimes we have no other choice.

Astrologers say that the cosmic key to progress is a radical rebirth, a reassessment of values, and a review of all interactions. Pluto symbolizes destruction in the name of creation.

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