Three zodiac signs are in for problems at work: who will be unlucky until the end of April

Aries, Virgos and Scorpios will have a hard time in the near future. Source: Created with the help of AI

It seems that the eclipse corridor is behind us and Mercury retrograde is coming to an end, which means that things should gradually get better. But not for all zodiac signs.

Astrologers have named three signs that will be plagued by all sorts of difficulties. Unnecessary conflicts, gossip, and broken commitments will be poured upon them without end. The workplace will be the first to suffer. Read on to find out if your sign is on this list and what you can do to make this difficult period easier for yourself.


In the second half of April, your energy and desire to act will cause numerous discussions at work. Your suggestions will be met with resistance, and the implementation of your ideas will face significant obstacles. Look for support from colleagues with whom you have the closest relationships. They will help you control your hot temper. And you will need it because conflicts at work will arise almost every day.

In addition, you will have to deal with unfair evaluation of your professional performance. To cope with this and not lose your motivation to work, spend more time on yourself and try to look at everything from a distance. Maybe it's time to change jobs? Especially if your efforts are not properly appreciated.


The next few weeks won't be full of optimism for you. Your perfectionism will drive your colleagues crazy. Try not to burden your subordinates with additional responsibilities if you are in a leadership position. This will lead to someone eventually saying, "enough is enough". You risk losing a valuable employee.

Accept the fact that this month is unlikely to end well. To mitigate the consequences, try to control your own arrogance and avoid provoking conflicts. Keep your distance and don't give in to emotions. In the second half of April, self-control will be more important to you than ever.


Conflict after conflict, problem after problem, gossip after gossip: this is what the second half of April will look like for you. Use this difficult period to learn a lesson: don't worry so much about some things. If you have the urge to reconcile the parties to a conflict. Be sure to think about whether the conflict situation was your fault. This is the perfect moment to realize that sometimes our efforts are not appreciated, and our good intentions can backfire. In addition, you may encounter unpleasant rumors about yourself.

To get through difficult weeks without serious damage to your self-esteem and mood swings, spend more time on your hobbies. Meet with family and friends more often. Maybe even plan a short vacation. Disconnect from work and allow yourself to fence yourself off from the situation with pleasant activities or experiences.

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