The whole street will smell the aroma: what flowers to plant in a flower bed for the summer

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April is the best time to set up your garden. It's important to take care of fertilizing the soil, moistening the lawn, and planting flowers in flower beds. Everyone has their favorite ornamental plants: some people like a variety of shades, while others strive for elegant monochromatic colors.

If you want your flower beds to be full of rich aromas in summer, you should pay attention to fragrant flowers. OBOZ.UA tells you what plants should be planted in the flowerbed so that the whole street can smell the aroma.


Jasmine has a stunning aroma and a high concentration of essential oils. The latter are used in various fields: from cosmetics to aromatherapy. Thanks to breeding work, dozens of jasmine varieties have been developed that differ in flower shape. The color of the flowers is not only white but also pale cream. The size of the bushes also varies: from undersized to 2-3 meters tall, so you can always choose the variety that best suits your garden.


Alyssum is an underrated but quite interesting plant. It is an easy-to-grow annual that shouldn't be difficult to care for at all. Seeds can be planted both in open ground and on seedlings, and the flowering season is in summer. Alyssum flowers are loved by bees and other pollinators. Alyssum flowers look a bit like panicle phlox inflorescences, but in general, you will get an incredible floral carpet.


Wisteria is often used to decorate arches and other vertical structures. The shoots can develop in different directions, and the flowers can be used to make beautiful arrangements. Wisteria is used to braid lattices, fences, house walls, etc. The most popular varieties are white and purple. Flowering lasts from late May to early June.


Gardenia is a thermophilic and rather whimsical flower. It is usually grown as a houseplant. However, experienced gardeners say that you can plant gardenias in flower beds in the warm season and take them home for the winter. Gardenias bloom with white, fragrant flowers. Plants grow best in soil rich in minerals. Gardenia likes moist soil and plenty of sunlight. Gardenia's aroma is not intrusive, moderately intense, and simply unforgettable. Due to its originality and richness, gardenia essential oils are often used in perfume compositions.


Lilies have a very pronounced and intense aroma. Modern hybrids impress with a variety of oriental, delicate, sweetish aromatic notes. On average, the diameter of the flowers is about 7-10 cm, while the concentration of the scent is as high as possible. Florists advise paying attention to the oriental lily Magic Star, or the equally attractive Salmon Star.

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