Taurus season can change the world forever: how it will affect all zodiac signs

Horoscope for the season of Taurus. Source: Created with the help of AI

Taurus is a sign of stability and order. Astrologers say that after the intense influence of Aries, Taurus will bring calm and respite. Fixed earthly energy will encourage reflection and rational decisions.

During this astrological event, your luck can go in one of two directions. You may even have an unforeseen desire to start over if you've been wanting to change something for a long time. On April 25, Mercury retrograde will finally end. You'll have the opportunity to reflect and resolve unresolved issues. Use this time wisely to avoid repeating mistakes.


The Taurus season will bring important realizations. An unexpected event is likely to happen in your life, forcing you to reconsider your plans for the next six months. May will start somewhat dramatically, as you'll have to make important decisions in your relationships. During Pluto retrograde, lessons from the past always come to the surface. But financially, things will be going well. Live your best life following your values.


The Sun enters your sign and your first house of identity, and it's time to plan something special. You may need to experiment. Towards the end of April, you will be forced to decide what you want to keep or let go of. Focus on the relationships that give you strength, not the ones that control your life. Pluto retrograde can significantly change your career. Get ready for sudden success and recognition.


The Taurus season will have a decisive impact on your life. Creating physical and mental space for reflection can lead to an incredible but unexpected decision. May will bring important rethinking – you will begin to relate to your life story differently. It may be time to deal with your hidden fears and worries to move on to the next chapter. By the end of the Taurus season, you may feel like you've finally healed from all your traumas.


True friends should complement your life, not create unnecessary problems. When the sun in Taurus enters your eleventh house of community and friendship, you may begin to reassess your connections. Cosmic energy will show you who your true friends are. By the time Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius on May 2, you may feel it's time to tap into your inner strength. What you do brings people together. Be prepared for new projects that will open an important stage in your life.


The Taurus season will encourage you to reflect on your achievements. Ask yourself who is by your side when you celebrate your victories. In the end, it will be the only relationship that matters. May will bring many victories, but it's important to be careful: there will be detractors around you. Personal and professional achievements will help you move up the career ladder. Enjoy your success - you've worked long and hard to achieve your goals.


Materialize the life you want to live. Create your reality as the Sun in Taurus stabilizes your ninth house of spiritual, physical, and educational journeys. You will be moving in a new direction. However, you may have to make a gradual but significant change in your lifestyle starting May 2. The following months will encourage you to change your daily routine and habits. You will face some difficulties along the way, as you will have to step out of your comfort zone.


Think about what you value as the Sun in Taurus provides blessings in your eighth house of assets and debts. This period can emphasize your financial capabilities and status. It's time to reap the rewards of hard work. However, there may be misunderstandings in your personal life. It's important to be patient and understand your partner's point of view.


Stable relationships don't have to be boring. It may be time to change things up in your daily routine. Instead of gravitating toward drama and arguments, use this energy to focus on building a solid foundation. Pluto retrograde can bring to light some lingering trauma and pain from your past. As you heal from this, realize that your past trauma may have affected how you perceive close relationships now. This shadow work won't be easy, but it will help you stabilize your life.


Taurus' energy will encourage you to slow down to appreciate the familiar moments of life. Establishing daily habits will help create ongoing comfort. You may even be overwhelmed with gratitude for how beautiful your life has become after a period of emotional ups and downs.


Listen to your inner romantic. The Taurus season will intensify your desires and sensuality. Unexpected meetings and romantic dates are likely. A special person will enter your life unexpectedly and suddenly, but you will feel over the moon. Enjoy this period and be open to new acquaintances.


The Taurus season will make you ground yourself a bit. You'll want to renovate or at least clean up and arrange your personal space in the best way possible. This desire may reflect the deep personal changes you will go through during Pluto retrograde. This transit will encourage growth. Of course, transformational periods can be painful, but you should be patient on the way to a better future.


The Taurus season will encourage you to broaden your horizons. The transit of Jupiter and Uranus can bring unexpected discoveries. You are likely to learn information that will change your life. Pluto retrograde will be a period of reassessing values and rethinking relationships. You will have to make some changes in your behavior and attitude towards certain people.

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