New acquaintances or continuation of work: horoscope for May 4-5 for all zodiac signs

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The weekend will be busy. Source: Photo created by AI

Pisces will make new friends and won't notice how time flies. Leos will work hard.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olga Solomka has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for May 4-5 exclusively for AstroOBOZ. Find out what awaits you


Despite the fact that you have a lot of household responsibilities now, you will find a way to quickly cope with them. This will allow you to free up time to meet with friends and do your favorite hobbies because life should bring not only responsibilities but also joy.


Unexpected visits from distant relatives or old friends can be a pleasant surprise. Even if the meeting doesn't take place at home, you'll be glad for this distraction that will force you to leave the house.


This weekend will bring you an opportunity to be in the spotlight, where you can showcase your achievements and talents. You may take part in competitions or contests and even become one of the winners.


The weekend promises to be warm and family-friendly, filled with communication with relatives, including older and distant relatives. You will feel a deep connection with your family, remember your childhood, and learn more about your roots.


You feel an overwhelming desire to achieve your goals, even if it means working seven days a week. Your enthusiasm and perseverance infect others, and you involve them in your activities.


You'll spend this weekend with your family, observing traditions. You may not even plan to leave the house at all, and this time spent with your loved ones will bring you great pleasure, you will have something to remember.


This weekend will be a great opportunity for a change of scenery. Go on a trip, visit new places, accept friends' invitations, or initiate your own adventures, discovering something new and unusual.


While others are relaxing, you're working with special zeal. Your efforts will be appreciated, and you will be told of your value and indispensability, emphasizing that you are the one who can be trusted with important tasks.


This weekend may bring meetings with foreigners, which will be a great opportunity to practice foreign languages and develop non-verbal communication skills, allowing you to understand people even without words.


Spend this weekend in nature, go on a trip, take advantage of the warm weather. It can be a trip to the country, an excursion, or a visit to family or friends to fully enjoy the spring vacation and the gentle sun.


The weekend will be ideal for participating in public events. You will be able to speak in front of an audience, inspire others, unite people, and call for action. Even if it's a family gathering, your toasts and fiery words will be remembered for a long time.


New acquaintances that may happen this weekend promise to turn your days into an exciting and unforgettable time. Communication with new people will be pleasant and bodes well for continued acquaintance. Someone will finally find a good match.

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