Never get along: what plants should not be planted near grapes

Grapes will not yield a good harvest next to bad neighbors. Source: Created with the help of AI

Grapes grow quite well in our climate, but they need careful attention to ensure a good harvest. In particular, it is important not to plant it next to plants that can transmit diseases, infect it with pests, or suppress the growth and ripening of bunches.

Therefore, OBOZ.UA asked what kind of neighborhood is undesirable for grapes. The list of bad neighbors for grapes turned out to be quite long.

Any conifers

Conifers, such as spruce, pine, or juniper, secrete resinous substances that can negatively affect the growth of grapes. And also compete with it for space at the roots. In addition, tall trees can shade the area where the vine grows.

Most berry bushes

The thing is that currants, raspberries, or gooseberries are fed by the same substances as grapes. Therefore, they will provoke deficiencies of such substances in each other. In addition, these plants suffer from the same infections. And if one gets sick, it is highly likely to transmit the disease to its neighbor.

Perennial flowers

Perennial flowers, such as lily of the valley or foxglove, have a high ability to spread quickly and take over a large area. This means that they will displace grapes and inhibit their growth. Therefore, it is better to breed them on the site.


Potato tubers attract many soil worms. On the one hand, they can improve the quality of the soil, but on the other hand, they can harm the roots of grapes.

Tomatoes and eggplants

These potato relatives, although they do not have tasty tubers, are still attractive to pests that can be dangerous to the vine. Solanaceae can also infect it with their diseases.


The ability of the species to grow quickly is a good feature for creating a decorative effect, but it also displaces other plants. In particular, it competes with grapes for nutrients and root space.

What can be planted next to grapes

But not every neighborhood is undesirable for the vine. Here are a few species that can benefit from being planted nearby:

  • corn - has completely different nutrient requirements;
  • spinach - helps to retain the moisture necessary for the vine in the soil;
  • arugula - improves soil quality and enriches it with substances necessary for grapes;
  • onions - a completely neutral neighbor to grapes;
  • mint - drives away pests from the vine;
  • rosemary is also a natural protector against pests and diseases of grapes.

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