Mercury retrograde in April will "shake" the signs: who will have the hardest time

Mercury retrograde will affect all zodiac signs in April. Source: Created with the help of AI

Mercury retrograde is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs 3-4 times a year. It can have a significant impact on our lives, bringing delays, difficulties, and surprises.

Mercury retrograde will draw attention to unresolved problems of the past. But astrologers say that we shouldn't be afraid of this phenomenon, because, despite all the troubles, we will eventually have the opportunity to close our gestalts and move forward with renewed energy.


During Mercury retrograde, Aries may feel like a different person. This experience may prompt you to completely redefine yourself.

You may also experience a series of setbacks that cause frustration but don't give up and be patient. Remember that you don't have to be liked by everyone to be recognized.


Taurus is advised to do some introspection during Mercury retrograde. Your dreams will become clearer, and your imagination and intuition will be broader. Use this opportunity to reconnect with your true self and discover your essence.


Gemini will feel like you're losing inspiration and motivation. This will make you feel more isolated and depressed than usual.

If you have a disagreement with friends, be sincere, and calm, and openly discuss what happened. You may feel lonely, but don't worry, it's normal and will pass soon.


Mercury retrograde can affect your work plans. You may have disagreements with your bosses and misunderstandings with your subordinates. Try to resolve conflicts gently to strengthen your relationships. Be patient with both your colleagues and yourself.


You may feel somewhat isolated and distant from society. Look for the positive even where it seems impossible because the universe often helps us find the right path only when we are completely lost.

Be careful when traveling, be aware of your surroundings, and don't become overly extroverted.


The beginning of the year could be quite challenging for Virgos, and Mercury retrograde will further increase the discomfort you feel. Be prepared for unexpected expenses and pay off all your debts.

When Mercury returns to normal, you'll finally feel relieved and start moving forward with renewed vigor and inspiration.


Libras will have to dive into the depths of their relationships. Clarify your understanding of harmony, and partnership, and analyze how you approach communication with other people. Take into account the feelings of your significant other and don't make the mistakes you've already learned from to avoid any potential tension in your relationship.


Mercury retrograde can confuse your daily routine, so it's time to rethink your daily routine. Get rid of negative and destructive habits and rituals, be patient, and take control of the situation.


Sagittarius may feel bored and frustrated during Mercury retrograde, but you'll also find many exciting events and inspirations.

Put your pleasure and self-development first. Recreate and do what you want, but don't violate other people's boundaries.


Mercury retrograde encourages you to reconnect with your roots. Home can be both a starting point and a destination.

You may recall past traumas and rekindle long-forgotten conflicts that once occurred between you and your loved ones. Remember the positive lessons of the past and don't repeat your mistakes.


Aquarians will become too direct during Mercury retrograde. You may be prone to making rash statements and mistakes, so think twice before expressing your opinion.

Also, you may be affected by technology, so make backups of important documents.


This retrograde can harm Pisces' finances. You may start to be prone to impulsive behavior, so be on the lookout and think about planning your budget in advance.

Once Mercury returns to normal, your financial troubles will start to gradually resolve, especially if you've been working on improving your relationship with money.

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