Karma will not pass anyone by: tarot horoscope until the end of the week

The universe will pay the bills this week. Source: Created with the help of AI

Esotericists believe that tarot cards can give a clue in any situation in life. Even if you don't trust them as a tool for predicting the future, you might find some really valuable advice in the card's description.

That's why astrologers have made a forecast on tarot cards for all zodiac signs for this week, and also identified a common card. Find out what the cards predict for you and heed the advice you receive - it can be extremely valuable.

The card of the week: Justice

Karma walks somewhere very close by. For every action, there is an equal and comparable counteraction. And this week, all the good and all the evil you do will come back to you. Karma itself is not something positive or negative. It's just the consequences of your actions, and it's important to remember that. Sometimes good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. But this week, the universe will step in and make sure that those who have done harm have to take responsibility for it, and those who have left a positive mark will be recognized.

Aries: 9 of Cups

This week, your wishes will come true. This card means that your ability to realize your wildest dreams is at an all-time high, so don't get caught up in thinking about what could go wrong when so much can go right. Imagine that everything you've ever wanted is right in front of you. Feel in every detail what your victory looks like. When you connect to the vibrations of success, you become a magnet for that success. Allow the universe to give you everything.

Taurus: Knight of Cups

Is your love interest texting you? Is your significant other suggesting a romantic vacation? The Knight of Cups means that someone is thinking of you and trying to impress you. However, it can also be a sign that you are in love with someone and are deciding whether to make the first move. If you are still in doubt, let this be a sign that you should definitely tell them how you feel. Chances are, you'll get the answer you want.

Gemini: 5 of Swords

This week you will be involved in a drama. Your card is a sign that there is a conflict ahead, so try not to interfere in other people's affairs and don't let anyone disturb your peace. Be especially careful with those you trust, as people tend to look out for their own interests and flatter their egos at the expense of others. At the same time, don't try to take responsibility for repaying someone for their evil. Karma is on its way - leave it to establish justice.

Cancer: Sun

This week, you are ruled by the Sun, which symbolizes your outer self and overall confidence. Yes, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be in the public eye. Don't be afraid of bright light. You won't accomplish much in the shadows. Don't let someone else take credit for your successes. This week, the universe wants to reward you for your growth, so make sure you're in a place where people can appreciate the fruits of your efforts.

Leo: Moon

You have a reputation for grabbing everyone's attention effortlessly, thanks to the fact that you are ruled by a gorgeous sun. This week, however, the Moon encourages you to step out of the spotlight and into reflection. Don't try to be what others want you to be, get in touch with your inner self. Your intuition is more accurate now than ever, so you need peace and quiet to realize what your inner voice is trying to tell you. Trust all the truth that surfaces.

Virgo: 8 of Cups

Are you feeling more vulnerable and withdrawn than usual? Are you canceling plans and prioritizing your inner world? The Eight of Cups means that you are going through a period of transformation as you are tired of superficial connections and long for something much deeper. This week you are looking for the highest purpose and spiritual meaning in everything. Allow yourself to feel it all - your sadness, frustration, and fatigue. Such periods of challenging introspection always lead to incredible growth and even deeper happiness in the long run.

Libra: The Devil

This week you are feeling tempted to go to the dark side. Although the Devil card is not a warning sign in itself, it represents your shadow self and all your biggest secrets. What aspects of your life are you hiding for fear of being judged? This week, the part of your personality that is most difficult to understand is coming to the surface. Although you may feel dependent on certain fears or illusions, it's time to accept that honesty brings more good results. Recognizing that something is no longer working for you is the first step to improving your life.

Scorpio: 3 Pentacles

Although you are quite capable of conquering the world alone, your weekly card encourages you to collaborate with others. Everyone has their own talents and skills, and this is how we can strengthen each other. This week, you should take advantage of your ability to delegate tasks and invite really competent people to participate in your next project. Not only will you learn a lot from such collaborations, but your project will benefit from them as well. Have faith in other people's ideas and the ability of others to help you get the job done.

Sagittarius: Queen of Wands

Everyone respects your talents, your dedication to work, and your contagious confidence. You've worked hard to become a person skilled in your craft, and this week you'll be sharing the wealth of your wisdom. You will see firsthand how important it is for you to set a positive example. Don't be the kind of person who reaches the top and then pushes everyone else away. Instead, reach out to someone who is looking down on you because someone reached out to you when you needed it.

Capricorn: 3 of Wands

You've spent a lot of energy on a project you're working on, and this week you'll finally see that you've made progress. The Three of Wands is a sign that you are getting into a rhythm and gaining momentum, so don't hold back now. A burst of energy and a newfound sense of direction will help you expand what you're doing and achieve more. Perhaps it's time to bring in new people and set your sights on something more serious? You've already proved you can get things started, so don't doubt your ability to see them through.

Aquarius: 3 of Cups

This week you will get rid of the feeling that your glass is half full and realize that your cup is overflowing. The Three of Cups is always a good card because it symbolizes friendship, unity, and emotional fulfillment. If you're feeling lonely, now is the time to call your best friends and plan a day when you can really connect with each other. If your friends aren't around, then this is a great time to meet new people. If you feel like you have nothing to celebrate, you are wrong. Being alive is more than enough reason to party.

Pisces: Queen of Pentacles

You tap into your ability to be a source of love, warmth, and care that people can really depend on. The Queen of Pentacles encourages you to be someone's rock, to keep your promises, and to create an atmosphere of safety and support. She symbolizes someone who thrives in a home environment. This means it's a great time to get together with people you really love. It can also be a sign that this week you should just spend time organizing your living space, cooking healthy meals and spending time with your family.

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