It will be very painful: which zodiac signs may end their relationships in April. Horoscope

What zodiac signs may end relationships. Source: Created with the help of AI

Spring usually brings romantic moods: you want to add bright moments to your life or immerse yourself in passionate feelings. However, for some signs, April will be a month of anxiety and disappointment.

Astrologers say that the impact of the eclipse corridor and Mercury retrograde can be quite unfavorable for Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. There's a very high risk of traumatic events in their personal lives as betrayals, quarrels, and the end of relationships are possible.


You are trying to save your relationship to the last. The reason for this is the fear that comes from the mere thought of breaking up. For a long time, you have not been ready to start over, choosing stability over your desires.

It seems that April opens the door to a new happy life for you. If the situation becomes as unbearable as possible, you will decide to end the relationship in an instant. Instead of continuing aimless attempts to achieve harmony, you will decide to go on your way. The first step is to be honest with yourself. You don't want to hurt your partner, but you also don't want to hurt yourself. That's how you feel about being in this relationship. So, it's time to make a choice.


Lately, you've been doing nothing but feeding yourself false hopes. You see that nothing has changed since the beginning of the year. The situation in your personal life is not improving, so it's time to make a choice. You are more eager to change than ever. You are in control of your life and you don't need to maintain relationships out of a sense of obligation.

You want to get out of this routine. It is unlikely that you will be able to make it to May in this state. Now is not the time to back down, especially if you see this as a great opportunity to start over. It is likely that the breakup will not be easy. Your partner will start to blame you, provoking quarrels and showdowns.


April will bring a sense of freedom. You're ready to talk honestly and sincerely with your partner, but they may not understand your choice. You may have been exhausted by the relationship, but you've been keeping it to yourself for a long time, so breaking up will come as a big surprise to your partner.

You don't like to hesitate for long, and if the relationship has finally disappointed you, you are confident and unwavering in your decision. You want to feel happy, light and free. You want to have the opportunity for new acquaintances, vivid emotions and feelings. Astrological transits in April will allow you to finally make sure that you want to look for the person you are meant to be with.

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