It can be very painful: to whom the full moon on April 24 will bring disappointment in love

Full moon horoscope for April 24. Source: Created with the help of AI

Romantic loyalty is a very relative concept because everyone builds their boundaries differently. However, on April 24, the full moon can upset the inner balance of some zodiac signs and push them to do irreparable things.

The influence of the full moon can increase insecurity and emotional vulnerability, making people more prone to jealousy, betrayal, and suspicion. Astrologers have predicted who needs to be especially careful during this astronomical event.


Leos will become more interested in the emotional aspects of relationships. You will be interested in understanding the subtleties of those with whom you communicate.

In addition, during the full moon, Leos' attraction will increase incredibly, which can tempt them to secret relationships.

Curiosity and adrenaline can capture your imagination and challenge your discipline. You may flirt and take certain actions without considering their consequences.

Your desire to keep things secret from your partner will take a lot of effort and energy. But remember that honesty is the cornerstone of your values. Don't do anything that you think could harm you and your loved ones.


During the Full Moon, your mind may struggle with illusions and the temptation to escape reality. This can lead Scorpios to seek out new romantic emotions, hoping that they will help them cope with inner turmoil. However, these thoughts have nothing to do with the realities of life.

The full moon reflects your bipolarity. On the one hand, you crave stability, and on the other hand, you get bored without excitement.

When the moon sheds its bright light, you'll find yourself at a crossroads, wondering if the fleeting joy of a new romance is worth the potential turmoil it could bring. Listen to your intuition and don't make the same mistakes as others.


During the full moon, your deep-seated need for intimacy and relationships may tempt you to consider an extramarital affair. This desire will arise not because you are not satisfied with your relationship, but because you need spiritual and emotional nourishment.

This will make you start looking for a companionship that could coexist with your main relationship but would stay away from it. Pisces hopes that this will be a form of friendship that will be satisfying but will not destroy what they have now.

Getting your emotional needs met is important, but it's important to consider the consequences before you decide to do so. Imagine that you will not be able to control the situation and think about your feelings.

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