Immunologist names the best way to protect yourself from ticks

How to protect yourself from a tick bite

In the spring, ticks, which carry a number of dangerous diseases, become more active along with the rest of nature. They are most active in April and May, and tick bites can result in nervous system dysfunction, arthritis, inflammation, and even Lyme disease.

Andrii Volyanskyi, an immunologist of the highest category, MD, told us how to protect yourself from parasites in an exclusive interview with OBOZ.UA. The doctor has 30 years of experience, is a national expert practitioner in the field of immunology, a specialist in the prevention of infectious diseases, and the author of many scientific articles and papers.

According to Volyanskyi, in order to avoid a possible tick bite, the main thing is to deprive the parasite of the opportunity to bite through the skin.

A tick attacks its victim by sitting in the grass or on branches of bushes. Therefore, first of all, you need to protect the body parts at the level of the feet.

"Cover your body parts. The tick usually lives on grass or low bushes. That is, it is all at the level of a person's feet or at the level of an animal. Therefore, if we are protected, the tick has almost no opportunity to bite through the skin," the immunologist said.

The number of ticks is increasing every year. This is due to climate change and the fact that our winters have become very mild.

According to Andrii Volyanskyi, ticks are becoming more and more numerous not only in forests but also in city parks, gardens, and even vegetable gardens.

"There are more and more ticks every year, so it can be ponds and a garden," the immunologist named the places where ticks are most often found.

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