How to wash off stains on white clothes: the most effective products that are in every kitchen

Kitchen products will cope with stains on white as well as ready-made bleach. Source: Created with the help of AI

White clothes are the joy of any fashionista and the nightmare of the one who is responsible for laundry. The slightest stain is visible on the snow-white fabric and dirt is stuck very deeply.

Of course, you can buy a special bleach and wash your clothes with it. But you can also get by with simple products that you have in your kitchen or home medicine cabinet. OBOZ.UA has collected the most effective life hacks.


White vinegar is a liquid that can save things from almost any problem. Periodically adding it to the washing machine will help prevent the appearance of gray deposits on things. If you get a stain on a white T-shirt or blouse, pour a small amount of undiluted vinegar over it and then immediately blot it with a clean, dry towel. Don't rub the fabric so that the stain doesn not get deeper into the fibers. Don't try to get all of the vinegar out. The part of it that remains on the stain will continue to work when you put the item in the machine.

This method works best for common household stains such as sauces, grass, dirt, sweat, and deodorant. However, it is also effective against stubborn stains such as wine, coffee, and strong tea.

Lemon juice

In addition to its ability to dissolve stains, lemon juice also has bleaching properties. Therefore, it can be used to wash old and yellowed clothes. It works well with stains from wine, berries, tomato juice, mustard, etc. Just like vinegar, lemon juice works by being acidic.

All you need to do is gently blot the fresh stain with a towel, avoiding friction, and then treat it with fresh lemon juice strained through a fine strainer. After that, you can immediately send the item to the machine drum. However, be careful with silk and wool as the product may be too aggressive for them.


Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, ordinary table salt will quickly remove traces of various liquids: sweat, blood, wine, herbal or any other juice. Sprinkle the product generously on the fresh stain and leave it to work for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the fabric under a stream of cold water. After that, the stain can be additionally treated with vinegar or lemon juice. Or you can wash the item right away.

Hydrogen peroxide

Pharmacy hydrogen peroxide is the best product for removing blood stains because it is an oxidizing agent and can break down organic matter. Before treating a blood stain, rinse it with cold water - never hot or warm - as this will only set it. Then immediately apply peroxide to the stained area and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. The product will foam for some time, mechanically pushing the stain out of the fabric. Finally, wash the bloodstained item in the machine at the lowest possible temperature.

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