How to propagate a monstera: proven methods

Monstera is not too difficult to propagate, but it will take a little patience. Source: Created with the help of AI

Monstera is one of the most spectacular indoor plants. Its huge openwork leaves create a cozy atmosphere and add a touch of exoticism to the interior.

If you want to decorate your home with a monstera, you don't have to buy a whole plant. You can take a part of the plant from your friends and root it yourself. OBOZ.UA will tell you how to do it right.

Apical cuttings

Almost any plant can be propagated by cutting off an apical cutting from it. In the case of a monstera, it should contain at least two internodes for it to take root successfully. Place this cutting in a suitable vessel with water and add 1-2 whole activated carbon tablets to the bottom to serve as a filter for the liquid.

At least one of the interstices should be submerged below the surface. And the vessel with the cutting should be in a warm, well-lit place with diffused light. The first roots should appear in 3-5 weeks. But do not rush to plant the monstera in the ground – let them grow at least 5 centimeters, or even better, wait for the appearance of well-developed secondary roots.

Stem cuttings

This fragment of the plant takes root very well. You can get it after the next pruning of the Monstera. Take a piece of the plant's stem, but make sure that it has at least two aerial roots. You can root such a piece directly in the soil. Even a universal mixture will do, but it would be even better to take a special substrate for decorative foliage plants. You can also prepare the soil for monstera yourself by mixing 2 parts peat, 1 part moss, and 1 part coarse coconut chips.

Place the cutting on the surface of the ground so that at least one root is directed deep into the ground. Spray the area of contact with soft water and cover the pot with the plant with a transparent film or glass. Open the greenhouse every 5-7 days to let the monstera breathe. In about 2-3 weeks, it should grow a strong enough root and deepen its substrate.

The leaf

Probably the most difficult way to propagate monstera is by leaf. Only the leaf that was cut off with a fragment of the stem is suitable for it. Only then will it have a bud from which a root will develop.

As with the root cutting, place the leaf in a bowl of water with activated charcoal in it. The leaf should be submerged about a third of the way. After a while, roots will appear in this place. Let them get stronger and only then plant the monstera in a pot.

Rooting an air cuttings

This method does not require cutting off part of the monstera, but it will require some skills. Take a little moss or coconut fiber, wrap a part of the plant with an aerial root, moisten the substrate, and wrap it relatively loosely to the shoot with cling film. Do not let the substrate dry out.

Over time, the root will begin to grow into the moss and young leaves will begin to form in this area. When there are 2, or preferably 3, you can cut this fragment from the mother plant and plant it in a pot.

Tips for caring for monstera

The plant is a liana, which means that its stem remains equally thin throughout its life. This means that the monstera should be tied to a support so that it does not break under the weight of its own leaves.

It is important to take your time when breeding monstera. First of all, it can take a long time to grow roots during the cold season. Be patient and wait until they not only break through but also grow at least 5 cm and give secondary roots. You shouldn't repot the plant earlier – it needs a strong root system.

New leaves will begin to appear on the young plant slowly. Give the monstera at least 1-2 months. Although it may take even longer if you decide to propagate it in winter.

To make the cutting feel good, try to change the water as often as possible. Monstera is very sensitive to water quality, so it is important to avoid stagnation.

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