How to make tulips bloom longer: not everyone knows about this trick

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Tulips are symbols of spring. These fragile and graceful flowers will become a real decoration of the garden. The only drawback is their short flowering time: just a few weeks and the petals fall off.

Expert Monty Don said that there is an effective life hack that will help extend the flowering period. It is important to pay attention to the watering regime.

Optimal soil moisture

Watering tulips is primarily about minimalism. When gardeners plant bulbs in the fall, they do the flowers a favor by simply forgetting about them. Tulips planted in the ground need little water, and excessive moisture leads to fungal diseases and root rot.

However, when it comes to watering potted tulips, the situation is somewhat different. Plants in containers dry out much faster than plants in the ground and need more frequent watering.

What to do for long-lasting flowering

Although gardeners may think that rainwater is enough for tulips, it is not.

Monty advises watering potted flowers weekly. Make sure that the flowers are not standing in water, but still make sure that the container has sufficient drainage.

If the top layer of soil (about 2.5 cm) is dry, you can moisten the beds a little. Sufficient water will have a great impact on flowering.

"Proper watering can extend the flowering period, but you will get the main benefit in the next season. Optimal moisture will help the leaves, which, in turn, are important for the development of the bulbs," Monti emphasized.

Mistakes in tulip care

After the flowering period is over, the bulbs begin to grow stronger and produce flower buds for the next year. This is the most important time of year when plants need care and attention.

The expert advises pulling or cutting off the wilted bud along with the seed pod developing behind the flower, but leaving the stems and leaves to die off naturally.

Don't be tempted to remove the leaves before they turn yellow or brown, as the bulbs need the leaves for sufficient development.

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