How to make leather furniture soft: an ingenious trick

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How to soften leather furniture. Source: Created with the help of AI

Leather furniture is always a rational and sophisticated interior solution. Colors and style may vary, but leather adds a simple and elegant accent to a room. To maintain an attractive aesthetic appearance, it is important to take care of your furniture, which will also contribute to its strength and durability.

Leather is quite vulnerable to damage from many factors, such as sunlight and moisture. House Digest has revealed how to make leather furniture soft.

An effective remedy

Daily wear and tear affects the appearance of leather items, sometimes leading to cracks, fading, discoloration, and scratches. Therefore, choosing a high-quality cleaning and polishing product is a top priority.

Experts advise moisturizing leather furniture with natural vegetable glycerin. Glycerin will help keep surfaces soft and elastic, resistant to cracking and drying. Unlike some other leather cleaners or polishes, vegetable glycerin is non-toxic and mild. It helps to preserve the natural oils already present in the skin.

Step-by-step instructions

Before applying glycerin to furniture, it is important to clean the surface first. You can use a microfiber cloth, a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristle attachment, or a damp cloth to gently wipe off dust, dirt, or food residue.

Dry the surface completely and then add glycerin. You can spray the product directly onto the furniture or pour some onto a clean cloth to apply by hand. However, do not saturate the leather excessively, as this will cause the surface to become greasy or sticky.

Using the cloth, gently rub the glycerin into the leather in a circular motion, paying attention to areas that may dry faster, such as armrests or seats. Allow the product to soak into the leather for a few minutes, and then use another clean, dry cloth to wipe off the excess to maintain an even application and prevent a sticky layer.

Although glycerin is safe, it is always advisable to conduct a spot test on an inconspicuous area before applying the product to the entire surface. It would be awful to use this product on the entire sofa and then realize that it has discolored the leather.

Glycerin finishes may not be suitable for all skin types. If you have specialty leather, such as suede or nubuck, you should read the care instructions before experimenting. These types of leather may react differently to glycerin. There is a high risk of damage if you apply glycerin incorrectly.

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