How to increase soil fertility: the most effective methods

Take care of the soil in your garden right now to get a good harvest. Source: Created with the help of AI

On the eve of the start of the gardening season, every gardener thinks about what they should do to have a good harvest in summer and fall. One of the first spring tasks is to improve the quality of the soil on the plot so that it provides enough nutrition for the plants in the beds.

OBOZ.UA asked experts how to achieve this goal. Of course, the most important way is to apply fertilizers. But it is not the only one. Here is what professionals advise.

Give the soil a rest

If the soil in your garden is really depleted, send at least part of it on "vacation" and don't plant anything for one season. Take care of this patch the same way you do the rest of the garden – weed out the weeds and dig up the soil for the winter. The following spring, after spending a year under clean steam (as this method is called), your garden will be properly restored and ready for sowing.

Make use of spring weeds

Of course, weeds are the first to sprout in the garden on warm spring days. Before they bloom, you can use them to fertilize the soil. Mow the green part, then remove the roots, spread the cuttings on the ground, and dig them in to a shallow depth. Once under the soil layer, the weeds will begin to decompose and release nutrients. You can also compost the weeds and use them for mulching.

Sow green manure

Not only weeds can be used as "green fertilizers." There is a whole list of cultivated species that can significantly enrich the soil with nutrients. These include mustard, oil radish, lupine, beans, soybeans, peas, alfalfa, sweet clover, vetch, seradella, clover, amaranth, buckwheat, oats, and others. They are also sown on the plot, mowed before they bloom, and dug into the soil. You can try to grow green manure before the main sowing, but more often they are used in late summer, after the harvest, or in early fall to restore the garden's condition after the season.

Apply organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers such as manure, compost, or humus can not only saturate the soil with nutrients. They also improve its condition, making it more permeable to water and air, and provide natural food for beneficial soil microorganisms. Prepared organic matter can be applied both before sowing the garden and in the fall – after harvesting.

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