How to grow pistachios at home: detailed instructions

How to plant and grow pistachios at home. Source: Created with the help of AI

It's no secret that you can grow not only herbs, vegetables, and flowers but also exotic fruits. Although mangoes and avocados are no longer a surprise, not everyone knows that you can also grow heat-loving pistachios at home.

Despite the fact that we are all familiar with nuts native to tropical countries, breeders have developed varieties that can be grown even in a Ukrainian summer cottage. OBOZ.UA has prepared detailed instructions so that every summer house resident can enjoy delicious and homemade pistachios.

Choosing a variety

Dwarf pistachio varieties are suitable for home cultivation, which are characterized by increased productivity and taste. The most popular of them are:

  • kyrgyz;
  • mountain pearl;
  • albina.

When to plant a pistachio tree

As a rule, a seedling is planted in open ground either in spring before the buds swell or in the fall.


First, choose the sunniest place in your garden that is protected from drafts. In addition, the pistachio tree does not feel well next to other crops due to the peculiarities of its root system. Therefore, the distance between the plants should be about 3-5 meters.


In nature, pistachio trees grow in poor sandy and rocky soils in the desert tropical regions of Europe, Africa, etc.

Therefore, for planting in a summer cottage, you need to ensure good drainage and aeration of the soil. Fertile loams with a slightly alkaline reaction are also suitable.

Planting a seedling

  1. The size of the pit for planting a seedling should be slightly larger than the root system of the plant. It is usually about 30-50 liters.
  2. Bricks or pebbles should be placed at the bottom of the pit, covered first with river sand and then with fertile soil so that a hill is formed.
  3. Before planting, the seedling can be soaked in a solution of root stimulants.
  4. The plant should be planted carefully. It is placed on a hill of soil, the roots are spread out so as not to injure them, and it is gradually sprinkled with the remains of the soil.
  5. Finally, the plant is watered abundantly with plenty of water (30 liters) and the soil is mulched to prevent a dry crust from forming on the surface.
How to grow pistachios at home: detailed instructions


Pistachio trees do not tolerate waterlogging, so water them sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between treatments. If the weather is dry, you should water the trees abundantly once a week.

Since pistachio trees grow in arid conditions, it is necessary to provide them with similar conditions. Therefore, when the plant is three years old, it should be watered only when absolutely necessary. This way, the root system will develop better in search of moisture.


In the first year after planting, the seedling does not need additional fertilization. However, as the tree matures, it should be treated with complex fertilizers at least 2-3 times a year. The best times to fertilize are:

  • In the spring during the growing season;
  • During budding;
  • During fruiting;
  • After fruiting before preparing for winter.

In the first half of the season, it is worth using mainly nitrogen and potash fertilizers. In the second half (closer to the fall), use potash and phosphorus.


Like most trees, pistachio trees should be pruned twice a year, in spring (after the buds swell) and in the fall, to form a compact, branched crown and stimulate early fruiting.

Preparing for winter

After the last fertilization of the season (before the winter period), the soil around the pistachio tree must be mulched with a thick 15-centimeter layer. To avoid waterlogging, it is also worth covering the mulch with a film to drain rainwater.

Young trees also need to be covered with agrotextile, paying special attention to the trunk.

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