How to grow Brussels sprouts at home: all the secrets of experienced gardeners

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Brussels sprouts are a real storehouse of nutrients. It contains vitamins C and K, folic acid, potassium and magnesium. Many people think that growing Brussels sprouts in the garden is more difficult than growing white cabbage. In fact, everything is simple: you just need to follow the basic tips.

OBOZ.UA tells you how to grow Brussels sprouts at home. The first step is to choose the right date and place for planting.


Brussels sprouts can be sown when the soil warms up to 10-12 °C. It's best to choose sunny, draft-free locations and well-drained soils.

There are two ways to grow it: you can sow the seeds directly into the soil or start with seedlings. Seedlings should be transferred to open beds after a few weeks of germination. They are buried to a depth of about 1 cm, keeping the intervals between plants about 45 cm.


Brussels sprouts love water, so you should take care of additional moisture, especially during dry periods. However, excessive watering can lead to waterlogging of the bed and the appearance of root rot. The best solution is to organize drip irrigation.

You should also weed the beds regularly and remove weeds to prevent competition for nutrients.

For additional fertilization, choose fertilizers rich in phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen.


It can be harvested 3-4 months after sowing. The timing depends on the plant variety and growing conditions. When harvesting, be careful to tear off the heads of cabbage so as not to damage the stems and leaves.

You can store the crop in a plastic container or even a bag in the refrigerator. It is better to consume it within a few weeks.

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