How to get rid of grape rust mites: a quick way from experienced gardeners

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In early spring, grape growers begin a busy season. Mites also come out. As soon as the leaves have time to bloom, pests begin to attack them.

Grape rust mites cause a lot of damage and can cause a deterioration in the harvest. To know how to get rid of these pests on grapes, read the material of OBOZ.UA.

Why grape rust mites are harmful

Mites suck the leaves from the plant by piercing the leaf plate. If they are not destroyed in time, you may not get a harvest at all in the fall.

The mites are blown onto the leaves by the wind or carried away by raindrops. Insects settle in old uncut vines and on buds. A colony of a thousand individuals can form on one bud because the pests are very tiny in size. Mites have saliva that is poisonous to plants and contains enzymes. These substances slow down the growth and division of cells, causing deformation of the leaves. The mites need specific niches in the leaves to lay their larvae, which grow and multiply at an incredible rate.

The first signs

Leaves affected by spider mites have bulges of a characteristic reddish hue. These lesions are covered with a fleecy coating on the back side.

Outwardly, the symptoms can be confused with the fungal disease mildew. To make a diagnosis, you should rub the fleecy area: with powdery mildew, the coating is easily removed.

How to get rid of them

Folk methods include the use of environmentally friendly organic substances that do not harm either the grapes or the environment.

Onion husks will come in handy. An infusion should be made from it. 2-3 days after soaking, spray the leaves and lignified areas of the stems.

Marigolds will also help to repel pests. For 10 liters of water, you will need ½ bucket of dried flowers. Insist the solution for 2 days, then add 50 g of laundry soap. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and treat the affected areas.

Dandelion broth is also easy to prepare: 10 liters of warm water should be poured over 500 g of fresh herbs. After standing for 3 hours, strain the liquid and add soapy water. Spraying is recommended at the time of bud formation and after flowering.

A decoction of medicinal chamomile is a universal pest control agent. Pour 10 liters of boiling water over 1 kg of dried flowers or 3 kg of fresh flowers and leave for about 16 hours. Before spraying, add 40 g of laundry soap to the broth and strain thoroughly.

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