How to drive moles out of the summer house: effective tips

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Moles are uninvited but, unfortunately, frequent visitors to household plots. Their underground tunnels spoil lawns, destroy flower beds, and damage the root system of plants. Moles make their passages by sinking deep into the soil and shoveling the soil away with their paws.

Field mice then use the burrows to eat root crops in the beds, leaving only the tops. OBOZ.UA figured out how to drive moles out of the garden and why you shouldn't use radical methods.

Can moles be beneficial

Of course, you want to drive moles out of the garden as soon as possible, but you shouldn't destroy these animals either. It has been scientifically proven that moles do more good than harm to the garden by clearing the garden of May beetle larvae, weevils, scoop caterpillars, slugs, and bears.

In the process of burrowing, moles bring a lot of soil to the surface, spoiling the aesthetic appearance of lawns. However, please note that the soil "plowed over" by moles is better moistened and breathing and excess moisture enters the lower soil layers through underground passages.

That is why moles should not be destroyed but simply scared away.

How to scare away moles

Moles don't like pungent odors. Therefore, plants can be used as folk methods of mole control: marigolds, garlic, onions, hazel grouse, mothballs, and coniferous branches. You just need to spread them out on the site or even plant them in molehills.

Home remedies will also come in handy. Experts advise placing rags soaked in vinegar or turpentine in molehills.

Perhaps the most effective way to scare away moles is to use special sound generators that create noise at the level of ultrasound. The human ear does not perceive this sound, and animals do not like it.

You can also use homemade devices: turntables made of tin cans or plastic bottles, and windmills made of a large tin can tied to a pole. The sharp rattling will scare away moles.

There are also so-called mole traps. For example, a tunnel mole trap is a live trap used to catch pests without injuring them. It consists of two tunnels connected to each other. The entrance doors of the tunnels open only inside, where bait is placed to attract moles. This is a fairly humane way to catch moles and take them off the site.

Elderberry branches contain a potent substance called sambucin. Moles will not attack your garden bed if you surround it with elderberry branches planted in the ground. Another good option is to pour elderberry manure directly into the trenches.

OBOZ.UA also said that a solution of castor oil will be an effective remedy – it should be sprayed directly in the mole tunnels. To be effective, it must be combined with other ingredients: garlic powder, coffee, or aromatic essential oils.

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