How often do you really need to wash the bathroom and toilet, and do you need chemicals: virologist explains

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How often and with what to clean the bathroom and toilet. Source: Created with the help of AI

Regular cleaning is useful not only from an aesthetic point of view. Damp rooms with insufficient air circulation are an ideal environment for fungal spores to grow. Mold can cause health problems ranging from allergic reactions to respiratory diseases.

Emma Harding, a molecular virology researcher and PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales, told us how often you really need to clean your bathroom to get rid of germs. The frequency of cleaning bathroom surfaces depends on how often the room is used and whether someone in the house is sick.

"If someone has been sick recently, the bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned when the person recovers to prevent the spread of the disease. Otherwise, it is advisable to clean at least once a week. The floor usually needs to be cleaned less frequently than surfaces that are constantly touched, such as toilets, faucets, and showers," said Harding.

It is advisable to wash the bathroom before and after each use. Harding emphasized that in most cases, a regular cleaning product should be enough to get rid of germs. The virologist recommends using a product with a disinfectant effect every month or when mold or limescale stains begin to appear on surfaces.

"Soapy water is very effective at killing a wide range of germs, so it's enough for regular cleaning," Harding emphasized.

If you have a toilet in the bathroom and want to minimize the spread of germs, there is one thing you should make a habit of.

"The bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in the house, especially if it has a toilet. Always flush with the lid down to prevent toilet germs from escaping and settling elsewhere," the virologist suggested.

If you clean at least once a week, germs can't grow to levels that require deep disinfection.

In other cases, baking soda and white vinegar will come in handy - just add the ingredients to the toilet and scrub the surface with a brush. Citric acid will also be effective - you can rub the contaminated areas with half a lemon or prepare an acid-based solution.

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