How not to spoil your laundry: tips from an expert

How not to spoil your laundry when washing. Source: freepik.com

In the modern world, a washing machine has become an integral part of everyday life. It saves time and effort by making laundry fast and convenient.

However, some mistakes that people make when doing laundry can lead to damage to their clothes. That's why washing machine expert Natalie Hitchins gave The Mirror some tips to help you avoid problems with your clothes.

Unnecessary items in the drum

Everyone knows that you should check your pockets before putting clothes in the washing machine, but some people often forget about it. As a result, coins, receipts, and other small items can damage not only the clothes but also the washing machine itself.

In addition, during washing, the bones from the bra can fall out and damage the fibers of other things or get stuck between the inner and outer drum. Therefore, you should use special bags for washing delicate items.

How not to spoil your laundry: tips from an expert

Sorting clothes

The fact that you should wash white clothes separately from black and colored clothes is obvious. However, there are other factors to consider as well.

For example, heavy items such as robes and large towels absorb much more water than regular clothes. This can cause the drum to spin unevenly in your washing machine.

Hard water

Many common problems occur when the region where you live has hard water. This causes limescale to build up in the washing machine, which can have a bad effect on the appliance.

In addition, clothes washed in hard water become duller, stiffer, lose their color and appearance.

Therefore, if you know you have this problem, you should use special detergents that soften the water.

How not to spoil your laundry: tips from an expert

Cleaning the washing machine

To keep your washing machine running smoothly for many years, you should maintain it regularly. Cleaning the detergent tray and filters at least once every three months should be sufficient.

You can also periodically run a hot water wash cycle with an empty drum to clean the appliance from the inside.

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