Four signs will feel Mercury retrograde the most: who will be in trouble

Mercury retrograde. Source: Created with the help of AI

Mercury's retrograde movement, which will last until April 25, brings difficulties, delays in business, and emotional turmoil. In astrology, this transit occurs at least three times a year and has the greatest impact on interpersonal contacts.

This difficult time is simply necessary to survive. According to forecasts, some signs will have to face truly life-changing challenges.


The Sun is in Aries, so it's no surprise that the retrograde will have the greatest impact on the representatives of this fire sign. You will feel the strong influence of this planet. You will experience losses, both financial and personal.

In relationships and at work, there will be a lack of understanding. It seems that everyone will be against you. You shouldn't expect success in your career either. You may suffer from self-doubt and poor health – astrologers advise you to be careful about seasonal infections.


You are likely to feel a sudden urge to work. Your career will be at the top of your list of life priorities – you may even start to ignore the needs of your loved ones.

Astrologers are not happy with the news: no one will appreciate your hard work at all. You may face strong criticism from others.


Mercury retrograde will affect your relationship with your partner. You may feel not only a lack of understanding but also a sudden desire for freedom. There may be a weakening of the relationship, which may even lead to a breakup or engagement.

If you want to keep the relationship alive, you should react less emotionally to everyday trifles. Try to learn the art of compromise.


You will also face losses, but primarily financial ones. Be careful with your investments – now is not the time for risky investments.

During retrograde, astrologers also advise against starting new projects. It is better to plan your next steps carefully to avoid undercurrents and risks.

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